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Who Is Typically At Fault In a Car Crash?

Who Is Typically At Fault In a Car Crash?

When you make the decision to pursue legal action against a negligent party, it’s very important to understand who may be at fault in your car accident. Far too often, individuals may go after the wrong parties, making their lawsuit null.

There are multiple parties you may be able to sue in the state of California and our firm is here to help.

When a Driver is Responsible

A driver is typically the responsible party when the accident is caused by an act of negligence such as driving while using a cell phone or texting, speeding, swerving, driving fatigued, or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In California, drunk driving is one of the biggest dangers and the state has removed strict liability regarding dram shop law. This means if a bar, establishment, or social host serves alcohol to someone who decides to drive, most situations remove liability from these parties. Only the driver is responsible in most but not all cases.

Car Manufacturers Can Be Responsible

Auto manufacturers may be at fault when their items are defective or fail, resulting in a serious crash. These can include tow hitches, brakes, parts of the engine, or even air bags. Problems exist on vehicles, which is why there are often recalls. When these problems cause harm, manufacturers may be held accountable.

Passengers Could Be Liable for Damages

Drivers are not always responsible for negligent actions inside the vehicle. If a passenger willfully causes a distraction for the driver that forces a problem, it is the passenger who may be held liable for their actions. For instance, if they block the driver’s view or physically impede on their ability to drive, this is negligence.

When it comes to determining negligence and the party (or parties) who may be responsible for damages caused in a car accident, our team at Sachs Law, APC has the experience you need. Our Orange County car accident attorneys are committed to your rights and best interests.

We can build a strong case to hold the negligent individual responsible for the damages sustained and seek the compensation and justice you deserve.

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