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How Much Is Your Auto Accident Case Worth?

How Much Is Your Auto Accident Case Worth?

Placing a value on an accident injury claim is different in every case, as numerous factors go into determining the total value of a claim. For instance, two people may both be involved in a similar rear-end accident and walk away with entirely different injuries. One victim may have sustained a leg and brain injury, while the other made it out with only a wrist sprain. Because accidents are so vastly different from case to case, the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive is typically based on:

  • How severe your injuries are

  • How much time you had to miss from work

  • How strong the evidence you have is

Damages You Can Claim

There are specific types of compensation that you can claim if you’ve been injured in a California auto accident. Working with an experienced Orange County auto accident attorney will help you get an understanding of which damages you may pursue and ensure that you are able to pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Medical Costs - This includes:

  • Hospital stays

  • Doctor visits

  • Physical therapy

  • Medication

  • Medical equipment (wheelchairs, casts, etc.)

Lost Wages - If your accident has caused you to miss time from work, or if you’re permanently out of work due to your injuries, you may be able to pursue compensation for current, lost, and future wages.

Pain and Suffering - It’s not uncommon for accidents to cause emotional trauma. If you’re being treated for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD following your accident, you may be able to pursue additional compensation.

Disability and Disfigurement - If your accident caused permanent disfigurement (common with amputations and burn injuries) or partial or total disability, you might be able to recover additional damages.

Loss of Enjoyment - If your accident has caused you to lose enjoyment in activities you once loved, you may be able to receive compensation for a decreased quality of life.

Comparative Negligence

Now, you may be asking yourself,

“May I still receive compensation if I was partially to blame for my accident?”

Due to California’s comparative negligence law, you may collect damages even if you are found to be partially at fault for the accident. However, California courts will reduce your award based on your percentage of fault in the accident.

If you’re 25% responsible for your accident, and for example, the verdict is $100,000; you would receive $75,000. The higher your percentage of fault is, the less your recovery amount will be.

The MVP of Personal Injury Can Help

As you can see, pursuing the maximum compensation for your case takes gathering many different pieces of evidence to help tell your story. Working with a trusted Orange County auto accident attorney, like our team here at Sachs Law, will help ensure you can seek the compensation you deserve.

Give us a call today (949) 575-8744 to schedule your free consultation. We would love to help you recover and help you return to your pre-accident lifestyle as quickly as possible.


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